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Selecting the Suitable Shaft Flex to Improve your Golfing Experience

Knowing how each piece of golf equipment works can certainly give you an extra edge in playing golf. Another equally important factor to consider is to understand the uses and the effects of shaft flex. By definition, the term ‘flex’ refers to the bending effect experienced by the golf shaft during a swing. They are categorized as STIFF, EXTRA STIFF, REGULAR, LADIES, and SENIORS.

The Fundamentals of Shaft Flex

Shaft flex has an important impact on the trajectory, accuracy, and the distance of your golf shot. When the shaft flexes, there could be a deviation from the clubhead position. The effect could also either be direct or indirect. In order to obtain the most effect, the clubface must be kept at ‘square’ or ‘perfectly straight’. On the other hand, there could only be minimal impact on the shot if you make use of the wrong swing shaft flex.

Stiff vs. Extra Stiff Shaft Flex

An extra-stiff shaft flex could have various impacts on your shot. The most common effect could be seen in the trajectory as the ball could fly lower regardless of the loft used. The shot may also appear less solid with an extra stiff flex on this particular golf equipment. It is also possible that the ball would go to the right or fade side, particularly for right-handed golfers. Stiff or Regular shaft flex could result in a higher trajectory. The swing may also result in a more solid shot. As opposed to the stiff shaft, the ball has the tendency to go to the left or draw side.

Shaft FlexAs a general rule in selecting the suitable shaft flex, you have to closely observe your shots and note where your drive normally heads. If the ball tends to go to the right, then a regular or less stiff shaft flex would be more beneficial. On the other hand, if it heads more to the left, then the stiffer shafts are recommended.

Identifying the Right Flex for You

Young golf enthusiasts often get misled by the idea that using stiffer shaft flex would automatically result in stronger shots. Just like with other golf equipment, categories were given in order to specifically select the right flex depending on the performance and goal of the player. Here is a simple test on how you can identify the right one for you :

Spot the distance you hit with your own golf club driver. This could be a general indicator yet viable enough to check the strength and trajectory of your shot. Note that the use of Extra Stiff shaft flex is not very common for non-professional players. Landing the ball within 250 yards means you can use a stiffer shaft flex. For approximately 230 yards, you can work with a regular shaft flex. For those who hit a shorter distance, then the Senior and Ladies Shaft Flex are necessary.

Choosing the Shaft Flex through Clubfitting

golf-shaftThis may be considered the most conventional way of selecting the correct shaft flex for your game, but the process of clubfitting is still regarded as the most effective. A professional clubfitter will obtain a lot of your measurements. It is also necessary for the clubfitter to watch you play and pay close attention to your swing. Your swing speed, the trajectory of the ball, and the distance it travels are all considered in selecting the right shaft flex for you.

Shaft flex can be very important in your game and is just as important as selecting your gear. Although your performance in the game depends more on your own skill, having golf equipment with features that are most suitable to you can truly improve your overall golfing experience.

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Uses of Military Coins

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes. Dating back to World War I, American soldiers used coins to identify themselves from which military troop unit they belonged. It was also during this time that the coin challenge started among military members.

The game was popularly known as coin check, wherein a military coins owner can challenge any fellow coin holder. If the challenged owner could not present his coin, he needs to buy a drink for the challenger. However, if the challenged owner is able to produce a coin, the challenger buys him a drink. It was a challenge that only military members understood during that time.

During the Vietnam War, military personnel had a similar challenge as mentioned above. They made use of ammunition to challenge other soldiers for a chance of free drinks. However, seeing that ammunition could cause accidents, military coins were used instead. Sometime between World War I and World War II, coins were also used as a means to pass. Before military members and allies could enter scheduled meetings, they were asked to present specific coins. Each meeting would require a different coin that only legitimate members had access to. This rule was implemented to prevent spies from infiltrating
military camps and meetings.

military coinsAs the years passed, coin designs varied according to military ranks. Members and officers of the military were given coins throughout their service whenever they achieved a milestone. The military men also used coins to acknowledge heroic actions by their troops. Soldiers started to have a collection of coins while serving the military. It became a source of good memories, camaraderie and stories to tell other people. Each coin had a different meaning but all coins were valued equally. In recent years, the idea behind military coins or commonly known as challenge coins has been implemented even in non-military groups. Coins were used as a form of memorabilia. It represented the number of years a company or group has existed. It also symbolized exclusivity among organizations.

Coin designs became more complicated. Different materials can now be used to create a coin. Depending on the organization’s budget, coins can be made according to their preference. It can be made out of gold and embellished with genuine stones like diamonds and emerald. The design and size became customizable too. Popular coin designs today include the following: 3D (3 dimensional), multi-colored, color changing and a photograph can be printed onto it too. Coin manufacturers have adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

Organizations also use challenge coins as a token of gratitude. Instead of using
traditional certificates and plaques, limited edition coins were used to show
appreciation. These were presented to their officers, board of directors and benefactors. Challenge coins were also used for fund-raising events. Organizers used coins as
incentives to raise the amount they needed. For example:
• Bronze coins were awarded to donors who gave $50-$99
• Silver coins were given to donors who gave $100-$300
• Gold plated coins were presented to donors who gave $500 and above
Coins were used to motivate people to donate higher amounts. In return, organizers are able to raise the amount they need in shorter period of time. At times, they exceed their targeted amount, which is favorable for the organization. Another innovative use for challenge coins these days is to use it as wedding souvenirs. Couples engrave or print their photo on the coin and give it as souvenirs to wedding guests. They can customize the coin according to their preference. It can include their favorite quote or symbol.

The use of military coins has changed over the years. But the meaning and value it holds has not been lost. Instead, people found ways to keep it alive and useful. They’ve incorporated coins for modern use and it fits perfectly. Coins hold memories and have lots of stories to tell. It’s considered as a collector’s item that can be passed on from one generation to the other.