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Cash4jewelrynow to Help You

Sometimes it happens that people find themselves in a very tight financial situation and that is understandably beyond their control. Unpaid electric and water bills, monthly car amortization, overdue credit card balances, and unpaid mortgages are only a few of the many obligations they may hardly meet. Moreover, add the cost of other necessities such as food, children’s allowances, and gasoline expenses to the burden. In this situation, there may only be a few remedies that may include borrowing money from friends or relatives, securing bank loans, or selling properties. Friends and relatives are always there to help, but it may occur that they themselves may be in tight financial situations, too. Therefore, any help from them is not that visible.

Securing bank loans may take a longer period of time and may need lots of documentation and investigation. Selling properties may also take a longer period of time to materialize, as it is not that easy to look for prospective buyers. Therefore, there is only one possible and simplest option left – going to a pawnshop. In a pawnshop, immediate cash will be available in exchange for pawned items. A pawnshop that has been in the business for more than two decades is always ready to help, and that pawnshop is non-other than cash4jewelrynow.

The procedure in pawning is not that difficult compared to the excruciating procedures in securing loans from banks and other financial institutions.

cash4jewelrynowFurthermore, it is not as difficult as finding someone to buy properties offered for sale. One can just drop by any pawnshop and present his or her jewelries like a watch, a pair of earrings, ring, or a necklace and pendant. Some pawnshops also accept appliances and gadgets like laptops or cell phones. Upon presentation of the items, the pawnshop broker or clerk will appraise them and set the amount that is appropriate for the items. If the person pawning the articles agrees with the appraisal, cash is immediately given after signing an agreement with the pawnshop.

Stated in the agreement may include client particulars, rate of interest, services fees, and due dates among others. To get higher appraisal of items, make sure that they are of sound value. However, appraisal of the items will be lower than their prevailing market values. This is to ensure proper redemption of pawned items. Although the pawnshop may offer to sell unredeemed items to the public, they would not want to be filled with stockpile of those items.

Pawning is similar to purchasing, say of household appliances or gadgets:

In purchasing an item, a buyer carefully checks the quality of the item and that the price he or she will pay for that item is reasonable. Of course, the buyer chooses the best store that can provide the item. In pawning, it is not only the high appraisal of items that matter but also the applicable interest rates and redemption period allowance. One would not want to get a bigger amount of cash but with big interest rates and with only a few days allowance for redeeming his pawned items. Remember that one is in a tight financial position and redemption of pawned items for a short redemption period may even bury him in that situation. That is probably the last situation where a person would want to be. Therefore, choosing the pawnshop that is best to serve one’s need is the wisest thing to do.

A thorough research is advisable for those planning to engage the services of pawnshops. Aside from feedbacks from friends and acquaintances, there are listings of reputable pawnshops. For the purpose of finding a good pawnshop, one may consider cash4jewelrynow as one of the best choices when it comes to pawnshops.

PawnThe cash4jewelrynow or also known as the Metropolitan Pawnbroker has been in the business for over two decades. Our experience in the pawnshop business vouches for our good service and friendly relations with our clients. Our experienced and trained personnel welcome you to give you fair and reasonable appraisal of your items for pawning. Furthermore, we offer low and affordable interest rates for all items based on prevailing rate brackets in the industry.

At cash4jewelrynow, we believe that at three percent interest rate, it would not be difficult for you to redeem your valuable items for a period of four months. However, should you not be able to redeem in four months and instead decide to sell the pawned items, we can always negotiate and may come to agreement. Please remember that we, at cash4jewelrynow, are concerned to help you out of your tight financial situation in the best way we can.

For the purpose of finding a good pawnshop, one may consider cash4jewelrynow as one of the best choices when it comes to pawnshops. The cash4jewelrynow or also known as the Metropolitan Pawnbroker has been in the business for over two decades.

The Importance of Hiring chronistsempelis for your Internet Marketing Consultancy Needs

Online marketingSome of the most successful online businesses are capable of gathering a huge amount of following from all over the world through the use of social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are free apps that allow businesses to increase and establish their brand’s online presence.

Blowing up the Internet using free apps is not an easy thing to do. Some businesses even fail to create a brand identity online because they do not know how to do it. This is where chronistsempelis comes in. We are providers of Internet marketing consultancy services that are sure to help you grow your business, making your brand famous online.

Importance of Internet Marketing to your Business

For some, internet marketing may seem like a simple task to do. However, it takes careful planning and research for it to be effective. Online marketing is a valuable process for businesses whether they are already established or are still starting. It creates various opportunities for businesses in terms of online sales as well as online presence.

An effective internet marketing campaign is capable of allowing a business to communicate with a wider and larger audience. Even if you are in your home country, you can have the opportunity to introduce your products to consumers from all over the world. All you have to do is implement a strong Internet marketing campaign.

A successful online marketing campaign is also helpful in making a brand known to the online population. Billions of people are online everyday, which is why using the internet to market your brand is the perfect way to gain online fame globally.

Becoming an internet sensation does not happen overnight for most businesses. It takes time to grow a strong online profile. You may post a photograph of your product to your social media account, but it will never have an effective impact on your target audience if you do not do it the right way. Hiring an internet marketing consultant is extremely helpful, especially if you do not know where and how to start.

Chronistsempelis is an online marketing consultancy service provider, which caters to various clients who need guidance when it comes to implementing their online marketing programs. We work in a collaborative environment, which helps us get to know more about our clients’ brands and their goals for their business.

Why Work with ChronisTsempelis

Internet-Marketing-ConsultancyYou may be wondering why chronistsempelis is the right choice when it comes to your internet marketing consultancy needs. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we live and breathe online marketing. We are experts in creating online marketing processes for our various clients.

We take our job seriously, which is why we design our marketing plans based on each individual business. We do not have a standard plan for our clients, as each one of them is different. We try our best to understand our clients’ needs and wants to create the best program for their business.

We offer competitive prices. We are transparent when it comes to how we charge our clients. We make sure that they understand how we charge them before we start with anything. This is to assure them that we do not impose any kind of hidden fees and any unnecessary charges.

We are experienced in everything online marketing. We have more than 5 years of experience in learning and mastering different online marketing techniques; therefore, we can offer a guarantee that our clients will receive the highest quality consultancy service that they deserve.

Finally, chronistsempelis creates processes that really work. We help businesses break down barriers that keep them from reaching out to a wider audience. By utilizing the internet as well as the different social media websites, we can help businesses spread their brand online. As a result, we can help them increase their following as well as their prospective revenues.

Dreams Become Reality with Long Island Real Estate

Everyone is fervently looking for that perfect place that they can call home. A place where they feel safe, happy and contented – a place where they can find solace and see themselves having tiny tots in, raising a family, and growing old together in their sunset years. Are you looking for such a place? Well, look no more. After all, there’s Long Island.

Real EstateWe all know that Long Island is an enormous place which is located in the Northeast coast of the United States. It is home to nearly 8 million people of different nationalities, color, and race. The island stretches from New York harbor to the Atlantic Ocean, and is comprised of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. It is one of the most populated places in the US, but still people want to live there because of its innate glamor and charm that never fails to attract people to come back over and over again and immerse themselves in its beautiful chaotic world.

For a highly populated area like Long Island, it sure would be hard to find a cozy place to live in. Do not just give up yet and keep that optimistic energy up. Many experts that specialize in Long Island real estate will surely be ready to come to your rescue. These specialists offer services that cater to every client’s needs. Their services range from finding a home for you to landscaping, home remodeling, roofing, plumbing and construction, and so much more.

So, why choose Long Island when there are tons of wonderful places in the United States of America?

Well, if you want to live an extraordinary life, there is no better place than here. It is a major city with a myriad of opportunities for everyone. It has three busy large-scale airports, nine bridges, and thirteen tunnels. Allow yourself to get lost and discover its wonders, and call it home – may it be temporary or for a lifetime.

PropertiesAgents who specialize in Long Island real estate are the key to finding the best properties that your hard-earned money can buy. By the way, they can also help you file for a loan, thereby creating ways to make the American dream a reality. Imagine yourselves with your family in a quaint little house on top of a cliff, overlooking the vast crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. Imagine yourselves waking to the sound of the waves every morning and having your morning coffee in the balcony of your new home in Long Island, New York. These visions can become a reality, and you have the power to make them happen by getting help from reputable experts in Long Island real estate.

If you choose to live the quiet life in Long Island, it is fortunately possible to do so. The Suffolk County, which is less dense than the three other counties makes this a possibility. It is located in the easternmost part of New York, with a population of more or less 1.5 million people. The weather in this part of the island is gloriously temperate, which makes it good for farming and growing food. Because of this, Suffolk County became the leading agricultural melting pot in the state of New York up until this day.

You can choose to live the laid back life in the suburbs or the hustle and bustle of the city. Let Long Island real estate be a part of your quest in finding the most suitable home for you and your family. Don’t think twice about it. Come and make Long Island your new home and explore the many wonderful possibilities that await you.

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Selecting the Suitable Shaft Flex to Improve your Golfing Experience

Knowing how each piece of golf equipment works can certainly give you an extra edge in playing golf. Another equally important factor to consider is to understand the uses and the effects of shaft flex. By definition, the term ‘flex’ refers to the bending effect experienced by the golf shaft during a swing. They are categorized as STIFF, EXTRA STIFF, REGULAR, LADIES, and SENIORS.

The Fundamentals of Shaft Flex

Shaft flex has an important impact on the trajectory, accuracy, and the distance of your golf shot. When the shaft flexes, there could be a deviation from the clubhead position. The effect could also either be direct or indirect. In order to obtain the most effect, the clubface must be kept at ‘square’ or ‘perfectly straight’. On the other hand, there could only be minimal impact on the shot if you make use of the wrong swing shaft flex.

Stiff vs. Extra Stiff Shaft Flex

An extra-stiff shaft flex could have various impacts on your shot. The most common effect could be seen in the trajectory as the ball could fly lower regardless of the loft used. The shot may also appear less solid with an extra stiff flex on this particular golf equipment. It is also possible that the ball would go to the right or fade side, particularly for right-handed golfers. Stiff or Regular shaft flex could result in a higher trajectory. The swing may also result in a more solid shot. As opposed to the stiff shaft, the ball has the tendency to go to the left or draw side.

Shaft FlexAs a general rule in selecting the suitable shaft flex, you have to closely observe your shots and note where your drive normally heads. If the ball tends to go to the right, then a regular or less stiff shaft flex would be more beneficial. On the other hand, if it heads more to the left, then the stiffer shafts are recommended.

Identifying the Right Flex for You

Young golf enthusiasts often get misled by the idea that using stiffer shaft flex would automatically result in stronger shots. Just like with other golf equipment, categories were given in order to specifically select the right flex depending on the performance and goal of the player. Here is a simple test on how you can identify the right one for you :

Spot the distance you hit with your own golf club driver. This could be a general indicator yet viable enough to check the strength and trajectory of your shot. Note that the use of Extra Stiff shaft flex is not very common for non-professional players. Landing the ball within 250 yards means you can use a stiffer shaft flex. For approximately 230 yards, you can work with a regular shaft flex. For those who hit a shorter distance, then the Senior and Ladies Shaft Flex are necessary.

Choosing the Shaft Flex through Clubfitting

golf-shaftThis may be considered the most conventional way of selecting the correct shaft flex for your game, but the process of clubfitting is still regarded as the most effective. A professional clubfitter will obtain a lot of your measurements. It is also necessary for the clubfitter to watch you play and pay close attention to your swing. Your swing speed, the trajectory of the ball, and the distance it travels are all considered in selecting the right shaft flex for you.

Shaft flex can be very important in your game and is just as important as selecting your gear. Although your performance in the game depends more on your own skill, having golf equipment with features that are most suitable to you can truly improve your overall golfing experience.

RockBottomGolf offers golf shafts at discount pricing from name brands such as Aldila, Fujikura and Graffaloy.A new golf club shaft might be just what you need to get the swing you want.RockBottomGolf has discount prices on top-rated golf shafts.

Uses of Military Coins

Traditionally, military coins were used for identification purposes. Dating back to World War I, American soldiers used coins to identify themselves from which military troop unit they belonged. It was also during this time that the coin challenge started among military members.

The game was popularly known as coin check, wherein a military coins owner can challenge any fellow coin holder. If the challenged owner could not present his coin, he needs to buy a drink for the challenger. However, if the challenged owner is able to produce a coin, the challenger buys him a drink. It was a challenge that only military members understood during that time.

During the Vietnam War, military personnel had a similar challenge as mentioned above. They made use of ammunition to challenge other soldiers for a chance of free drinks. However, seeing that ammunition could cause accidents, military coins were used instead. Sometime between World War I and World War II, coins were also used as a means to pass. Before military members and allies could enter scheduled meetings, they were asked to present specific coins. Each meeting would require a different coin that only legitimate members had access to. This rule was implemented to prevent spies from infiltrating
military camps and meetings.

military coinsAs the years passed, coin designs varied according to military ranks. Members and officers of the military were given coins throughout their service whenever they achieved a milestone. The military men also used coins to acknowledge heroic actions by their troops. Soldiers started to have a collection of coins while serving the military. It became a source of good memories, camaraderie and stories to tell other people. Each coin had a different meaning but all coins were valued equally. In recent years, the idea behind military coins or commonly known as challenge coins has been implemented even in non-military groups. Coins were used as a form of memorabilia. It represented the number of years a company or group has existed. It also symbolized exclusivity among organizations.

Coin designs became more complicated. Different materials can now be used to create a coin. Depending on the organization’s budget, coins can be made according to their preference. It can be made out of gold and embellished with genuine stones like diamonds and emerald. The design and size became customizable too. Popular coin designs today include the following: 3D (3 dimensional), multi-colored, color changing and a photograph can be printed onto it too. Coin manufacturers have adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

Organizations also use challenge coins as a token of gratitude. Instead of using
traditional certificates and plaques, limited edition coins were used to show
appreciation. These were presented to their officers, board of directors and benefactors. Challenge coins were also used for fund-raising events. Organizers used coins as
incentives to raise the amount they needed. For example:
• Bronze coins were awarded to donors who gave $50-$99
• Silver coins were given to donors who gave $100-$300
• Gold plated coins were presented to donors who gave $500 and above
Coins were used to motivate people to donate higher amounts. In return, organizers are able to raise the amount they need in shorter period of time. At times, they exceed their targeted amount, which is favorable for the organization. Another innovative use for challenge coins these days is to use it as wedding souvenirs. Couples engrave or print their photo on the coin and give it as souvenirs to wedding guests. They can customize the coin according to their preference. It can include their favorite quote or symbol.

The use of military coins has changed over the years. But the meaning and value it holds has not been lost. Instead, people found ways to keep it alive and useful. They’ve incorporated coins for modern use and it fits perfectly. Coins hold memories and have lots of stories to tell. It’s considered as a collector’s item that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

3 Factors That You Must Consider When Selecting Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards have come a long way from being used as dress ornaments in 1933 to being used for various applications today.

1.Imprinting Methods

The first imprinting method is the four-color process. It can replicate an imprint design by using four inks – yellow, black, cyan, and magenta.

Custom-lanyardsHot stamping is the second imprinting method. It’s the cheapest imprinting method because it creates an imprint design using one color. The imprint can become damaged if the lanyard is rubbed. The third imprinting method is the sewn-in. You can sew an imprint on one side of the lanyard that’s different to another imprint on the opposite side. You can only use limited colors for the imprint. Dye-sublimation is the fourth imprinting method. It uses multiple colors to create an imprint that’s baked into the lanyard.

The fifth imprinting method is the silk screening. It uses various colors to create an imprint on both sides of the lanyard.

2.Types of Custom Lanyards

A reflective lanyard has a reflective strip that’s positioned on the middle of the lanyard. The reflective strip glows in the dark for up to several hours in dark areas. An eco-friendly lanyard has bamboo or cotton so that the wearer won’t acquire health problems. It has to be manufactured properly because its material may further soften during the heating process.

Custom lanyards that have a plastic zipper can be attached to a rubber patch or a silicon patch. A lanyard that functions like a luggage belt can prevent losing or damaging the packed items. It hides the packed items from view in case the lock mechanism of the luggage is broken.

A nylon lanyard makes the imprint stand out from the background by making it sparkle. Custom lanyards that are manufactured from silicon can be exposed to stretching and water. They’re also lightweight. A lanyard that looks like a shoelace is comfortable to wear around the neck because it’s soft.

3.Attachment Options

The first attachment option is the cell phone holder. The cell phone holder has a slot and a nylon loop that make up the size-squeeze buckle. The slot attaches to the nylon loop so that the cell phone can be attached to the lanyard.

The water bottle holder is the second attachment option. It attaches to the neck of the water bottle to carry it. The rubber-o ring of the holder attaches the water bottle to the lanyard. The third attachment option is the breakaway connector. Pressure is applied to the breakaway connector so that the lanyard can come off from the neck of the person.

The slide adjuster is the fourth attachment option. It brings the attached object towards the chest of the person or brings the attached object away from the chest of the person. Pulling the back of the lanyard allows the lanyard to bring the attached object towards the chest. Pulling the front of the lanyard lets the lanyard bring the attached object away from the chest.

The fifth attachment option is the quick-release buckle. Its lower part is attached to an object and its upper part attaches the object to the lanyard. It can detach an object without taking off the lanyard from around the person’s neck.

The split ring is the sixth attachment option. The split ring attaches the key or the ID badge to the lanyard. An ID badge holder that has a bulldog clip can also be attached to the split ring. The seventh attachment option is the J-hook. The J-hook attaches the object to the lanyard when pressure is applied to one side. It may also rotate the attached object.

Take note of these three factors when you are looking for the right custom lanyards.

Fascinating Muslim Funeral Traditions

Muslims have their own traditional way of burying their dead; they also have their own practices when it comes to conducting funeral services. When a Muslim dies, the body is immediately buried and thus, planning and preparation must be done as soon as possible.

The local Islamic organization should be contacted to assist the family in arranging the burial and funeral services, as well as in choosing and coordinating with the funeral home. Routine autopsies, cosmetology, cremation, and embalming are prohibited.

Preparing the body for burial

The corpse must be physically cleansed, and washing the deceased is called Ghusl. The temporal position and locale of the deceased will dictate the method, accessories, and style to be used in bathing. Close family members of the same sex are the ones that should give the Ghusl; however, if it is a spousal death, the spouse will do the washing.

The washes should be odd numbered. Therefore, the body is needs to be washed at least three times. A certain order also needs to be followed in washing the body. The upper right side should be cleaned first, followed by the left; the lower right side and lower left side are next. If the deceased is a woman, the hair must be washed and three braids should be made.

FuneralOnce the body is clean it will be covered in a white cloth called Kafan. Different regions have their own specifics when it comes to choosing the style, color, and materials that will be used for the cloth. In shrouding the body, simple cloth must be used. Three pieces of large cloth is used for males, and five pieces are necessary for female. Women are made to wear a sleeveless dress that reaches the ankle. A head veil is also worn.

The body is placed on top of the sheets and the left hand should be positioned in a prayer position. Folding the sheets should start at the right side and then the left, until they’re completely wrapped around the body. Also, a rope is used to secure the body. After the body’s secured, it will be transferred to the mosque for the “Salat al-Janazah” (funeral prayers).

Traditional Muslim funeral services

Muslim funeral services start with a prayer. Everyone in the community must perform the Salat al-Janazah. Everyone is required to face the Qiblah or the direction towards Mecca and recite the prayer in the courtyard, study room, or prayer room of the mosque. A three-line formation is usually followed – males closely related to the deceased should be on the first line, men on the second, followed by children and women.

The body will be transported to the cemetery after the Salat al-Janazah has been recited. Men used to be the only ones allowed in burials, but more and more communities are allowing women to be present.

All about the grave’s specifics

The grave must be perpendicular to the qiblah when dug and the body is placed on the right side. “Bismilllah wa ala millati rasulilllah” must be recited by the people who are going to place the body in the grave. Layers of stone or wood are place on top of the body to prevent direct contact with the soil. Three handfuls of soil are placed on the grave by those in attendance. Small stones or markers are placed on top of the grave for recognition.

Is there anything else to know?

Well, the mourning period usually lasts for 40 days, and for widows it lasts for four months and ten days. The first three days after the burial and funeral services, the community will provide food for the family that will receive the visitors.

Where to Buy Rubber Bracelets

Wristbands or rubber bracelets are becoming popular nowadays. You see people from almost all walks of life wearing them. Before, you only see them worn on sports events such as marathons, basketball tournaments, and many more. But today they have become a part of our everyday lives. In fact, they have become an accessory especially among our young people. However, we must first understand what wristbands or rubber bracelets are.

Wristbands are straps or sweatband usually worn on a person’s wrist in order to absorb perspiration. It was believed that these bracelets began as a fashion statement in the late 70’s. In fact, people in those times only wore black bracelets. This serves as their way of protesting because many individuals believe that these bracelets have no value compared to jewelry made of gold, silver and others. It gained popularity in the 80’s when celebrities started wearing these bracelets. But it was only in the late 90’s when these rubber bracelets becomes popular. Today, these bracelets are used by different organizations in order to raise funds and create awareness to the growing public.

What are the purposes of rubber bracelets?

rubber-braceletsYou have probably seen some of your friends, relatives or acquaintances wearing some of these bracelets. Have you ever asked them why they are wearing that and what is their purpose for wearing that band? Is it merely just for fashion? Or is there a deeper meaning to it? People war these rubber bracelets for many reasons.

However, one of the main reasons is because they want to show support for a particular group or cause. For example, if a certain group wants people to develop greater awareness regarding breast cancer, they’ll be using wristbands or rubber bands with a particular color. Therefore, if you see people wearing these bands you already know that they are supporting the cause of that group. People who wanted to show their support for that group will go out of their way to purchase or buy those bracelets made for that purpose alone. It is also one way to raise money for the group.

These bracelets are not expensive therefore anyone can afford to buy them at a certain price. However, these bracelets are so cheap that they have now become an integral part of life. In fact, when you visit online stores you will see different companies offering these bracelets for a cheaper price and design. They now come and different colors types and sizes.

Importance of Bracelets

Did you know that aside from charity, sports and fashion events these bracelets are also used in other venues? For example, some schools even used these bracelets as a reward system for their students. If a certain student had been good in class or gets a high grade they get these bands as a reminder of upcoming events. Parents also use these bracelets for their child’s protection. They let their children wear bracelets with names and contact numbers so that if their child gets lost whoever finds them will know where to bring them.

In addition, some party organizers even include wristbands as part of their giveaways. It is not only cheaper but it conveys a message to the public. In fact if some of the guests include some VIP’s or managers they let them wear these bands to distinguish their rank among the guest list. For some companies, they use these bracelets in order to advertise their products. In some events, for example bazaars, they will be giving away these bracelets to guests who will drop by their stores. So when the guest leaves they will know what products or services they are offering in case the visitor becomes interested.

Where to buy?

Now that you’ve learned everything about these bracelets, your next question probably is where to buy them? There are many website like the-wristband-factory or many online stores which offers these rubber accessories for a very affordable price. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. There are tons and tons of these bracelets available for you. If you do not have an internet connection, there are also some stores which provide you with these services.

It doesn’t matter where you buy them. There are a lot of stores from which you can buy them. Indeed, such bracelets have now become an expression for many. No wonder they are gaining popularity throughout the years.

Safer Second Home

They say that when people enjoy what they are doing, they no longer to work a single day in their life. In the same way, the workplace where workers spend several hours a day can serve as their second home. Home is a place where people can feel safe and secure. Fortunately, several companies in the world went out of their way to respond to this by listening to the needs of their employees. For instance, Google installed several fun-filled activity stations by converting their headquarters into a place where ideas can easily be harnessed from their people. The company boosted satisfaction and employee morale, inspiring creativity and resourcefulness among the people on their payroll. For them it’s not just about creating a different level of security. Instead, they resorted to converting Google into a second home where people live harmoniously and happily together.

The company created a standard that incites envy among its peers. It is, however, different from manufacturing and other industries which require safety for employees more than anything else. In order to keep up, several corporations invested on effective speakers and effective safety presentations to deliver the company’s message to their people. The creation of a culture of safety in the workplace starts by making workers understand the importance of having a safety protocol in place.

The lack of such program exposes them to tremendous risks that can affect their health, well being, and even their lives.

Motivational SpeakerRequiring workers to attend safety presentations is the response of those in the heavy industry in taking care of the welfare of the people in their employ. These industries have gone a long way from the Industrial revolution when people are only seen as operators of an assembly line that makes sure that the machineries operate as they should. The rights and benefits of these workers are now highlighted not only by companies trying to build a stable workforce but by government officials who want to make sure that people are well taken care of.

Due to the increasing demand for this kind of presentations, some business-minded individuals started a company that caters to this specific need. As years went by, their services became widely in-demand considering the growing number of industries that cater to more specific needs of the public. It is no secret that these safety presentations must be backed by hard science so the data used are constantly updated and relevant to the industry the hiring company belongs to. Mortality and injury statistics are taken from government agencies to paint a picture of how the actual situation looks like at the moment. Illustrations and comparisons between effective safe and unsafe working areas are likewise included.

All these aid in the process of raising awareness among the employees that (a) the company cares about them and (b) their safety is always taken into account. In return, these employees can be expected to do their part in cultivating this culture of safety within the company. This should reinforce the idea that the company is a second home to them. It may not exactly look like the colorful jungles of Google but the air of security will help the employees do their job better than expected.

Safety presentations can also be an avenue for the management and employees to converse about the different issues they have. This way, all voices will be heard and most problems will be resolved. The presenters can be a mediating party that can serve as the face and mouth of both the management to the employees and the employees to the management. Meaningful discussions should be held until a win-win solution can be established, or once everyone is aware of the situation at hand.

In conclusion, investing in safety presentations is less costly than having to cover up the costs of any untoward future incidents. Companies can be sure that a culture of safety will dramatically lessen accidents within the workplace.

Fire-resistance Safe Standard

fire-proofQuality assurance of any product is an integral part of its production in the market. The reliability and functional purpose of it depends on how effective and accurate the quality testing is done. It can somehow be reflected to when someone bought a dozen of chocolate for an expensive price. No one would buy chocolates that are so costly unless he is sure that they are the best chocolates in town and everybody who has tasted them testifies to the deliciousness they offer. This is what a company should aim for; a product that sells itself. And this can only be done if a product’s marketed functionality is what the consumer will experience. For fireproof safes, the basic testing standards are UL testing rate and impact testing rate.

UL or Underwriters Laboratories is a non-profit association that tests vast numbers of industrialized products to guarantee they perform to an assured standard. To ensure that the manufacturer stick to the standard, the UL will implement unexpected assessments at the manufacturing sites, usually directed numerous times per year. Mounting a safe without a UL mark could be deliberated as unrefined laxity in some groups. It may disrupt insurance criteria or government protocols. In fireproofsafes, a UL listing specifies the standard protection the fireproof safe provides its contents when exposed to fire. The safe is intended to several test situations that will eventually uncoverall edges to a fire. This is being done by placing the safe in a furnace that heats all sides to the temperature surroundings itemized in the assessment standard.

Fireproof-SafeEvidently, UL testing is composed of three different listings to examine and record the equipment used for heat protection on fireproofsafes. These are namely class 350-rated safes, class 150-rate safes, and class 125-rated safes. The UL class 350-rated safes are precisely aimed to protect paper archives. It can either have 1-hour or 2-hour fire rating. The 350 rating means that when the safe is bare to exterior temperatures over 1700°then the interior temperature will not surpass to 350°depending on its customized time limit capacity. The 150-rated safes on the other hand, are made to shield out media stuff like magnetic tapes and photographic films. It’s referred to as 150 since it maintains the interior temperature of the safe until 150° when exposed to 1700° exterior heat temperature. Lastly, the 125-rated safes only differs to the other classes in which 125° interior temperature is its maximum limit whenever exposed to 1700° exterior. This class type specializes in maintaining and storing data safes such as computer disks, and other microfiche products. Both 150 and 125 safe ratings have 1-hour and 2-hour classifications like the one indicated for the 350 safe rating.

An additional impact testing has being conducted along with the mentioned UL rated testing standard. This is because during fire situations, building breakdownscan frequently occur. So it is reasonable to also test, if the safe will be able to withstand the impact when such disasters happen. For a safe to be branded “Impact Rated” it is heated to 1550 °F in a furnace, elevated three floors and then plunged into a mound of bricks and then reverted back to the furnace and reheated. In order to achieve the impact rating requirements, heat inside the tested safe shouldn’t increase above 350 °F and the sample papers or materials left inside must still be clear and undamaged.

These are the most common safe standards that manufacturers need to undergo to satisfy and prove the efficiency of their products. On the other hand, consumers may use these labels as their initial basis whenever choosing and purchasing fireproofsafes.